How cool it’s to upload the customer conversation, interaction with technician etc. that was recorded to the form & can be played back within the form whenever needed! Amazing isn’t it? Well, the possibilities are limitless.

The AudioAttachmentControl is used to upload any kind of audio file which is of mp3 format as of now. It also lets you have a live preview of the audio file uploaded and the files are stored in the notes attachment.

Sample scenario – Upload the customer phone call recording to the phone call form and play it back during the follow ups whenever needed.

You can refer below links for source code and solution file


Source Code

love the flexibility with PowerApps component framework …

How to configure:

  1. Import the solution “” to D365. You can find it from Git hub –
  2. Let’s say I wanted to add “365spartan_AudioAttachmentControl” to Contacts, open the Contact entity’s, Main form in edit mode.
  3. Create a new Phone Call field or choose any field which is of type SingleLine.Text for testing, I have created a new field called, PhoneCallAttachment for the demo.

4. Open the field and click on the “Controls” link.

5. Click on “Add Control”, select “365spartan_AudioAttachmentControl”.

6. Select Web, Phone and Tablet radio buttons to get it loaded in all the 3 device

7. There are no mandatory properties that need to be configured so nothing needs to be taken care regarding properties.

Tada, there you go, amazing, isn’t it?

I have used packages such as

  • Dropzone – To upload files, added some own CSS styling to the Dropzone.
  • Toastr – To display alerts
  • Simple Audio HTML Control – To show live Preview


You can refer below links for source code and solution file


Source Code

You can refer the below link to get started with setting up your environment and creating your first powerApps component framework project.

PCF – Where do I start with?

For a detailed explanation on the control manifest file refer.

PCF – Exploring ControlManifest File In Detail

Hope It helped you. Add your comments if you have any challenges in adding “365spartan_AudioAttachmentControl” to PowerApps feel free to reach me out. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Let me know your feedback in the comments section. Also, kindly don’t forget to like and share.

Happy Learning!!!

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